Buying a Home | Helpful Hints

Buying a new home is exciting and making sure you have crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s will ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Below you will find some helpful hints when buying a home, no matter if it is a previously owned home, new construction, or vacant land:

Previously Owned Home

•It is best to have a professional realtor represent YOU in the transaction. They will have your best interest in mind!

•Carefully read the seller’s property disclosure report. Check the purchase contract for any deadlines, such as, challenging the disclosure report or having your own inspection done.

•Meticulously look over the property during walk thru inspections – look for water damage stains on ceilings or floor, check behind and under objects that could conceal damage, test all appliances (stove burners, oven, garbage disposal, dishwasher, washer and dryer, and water heater). Run the water in all sinks and tubs, and flush all toilets to ensure proper drainage. Check landscaping irrigation system if included. Your realtor can ask for receipts for recent home repairs to verify the work was completed properly.

•Order your own termite inspection.

•Order a professional home inspection. There may be unforeseen repairs that need to be done before you take ownership.

New Build Neighborhood

Read the Arizona Department of Real Estate Public Report. By law this document should be given to you by the agent representing the developer and new build neighborhood.

This report should give you information about:

•Flooding and drainage disclosure information

•Description of adjacent land and designated uses

•Identifies who provides electricity, telephone, gas, and water and sewage disposal

•Lists common community and recreational facilities

•Provides assurances for completion of planned improvements

•Identifies local services and facilities (schools, shopping, public transportation, medical facilities , fire & police protection, garbage services, etc.)

•Taxes and local assessments

•Provides details of property association rules and guidelines

Vacant Land

•Read Arizona Department of Real Estate Public Report. Before you purchase land address any concerns you may have and verify all the facts about the property.

•Pay attention to the source of utility services and/or water supply. These could become very expensive if you are responsible. To determine that there is an assured and adequate water supply, request to see the Arizona Department of Water Resources Report for the property.

•Permanent and Legal Access: Be sure you have been granted permanent and legal access to the property before you buy.

•An on-site inspection is highly recommended before purchase. If you have not inspected the property before signing agreement to purchase, you have up to six months to do so.

Check Out the Area!

No matter if you buy within an established neighborhood, new community, or build your own custom home it is imperative that you get to know what is around you!

•Check surrounding neighborhoods to ensure this is where you want to live. Are the other homes and landscaping in good condition? Ask neighbors how they like the area.

•Drive around the area for a mile or more, check your commute route. Are there any nuisances or hazards and are you willing to live with them?

•If there are large areas of vacant land nearby, check city or county zoning maps to see what this property is zoned for.

•How close are the modern conveniences that are most important to you? (grocery stores, schools, gas stations, gym, etc)

Source: Stewart Title | Buyer’s Information Guide