Save Water This Summer
January 22, 2018 | Annie Cole
How much water are we talking about? The water needs of a thriving desert economy can really add up. Expressing these amounts can often be difficult. An example would be, “Enough water to fill 200 Olympic size swimming pools” but that is quite hard to imagine. The only thing you know by hearing that is that it is a lot of water.

Here is a quick guide to reference ways water is measured.

•Gallon- The average single-family home in Phoenix uses an average of just over 10,000 gallons per month.
•MGD (million gallons per day)- It is the volume of water it would take to cover one acre of land in one foot of water  – or 325,851 gallons.
•ccf (centum cubic feet)- 100 cubic feet. One hundred cubic feet would fill a 5-by-5 feet box that is 4-feet tall  – or 748 gallons.
•cfs (cubic feet per second)- “Cfs” is used to measure rates of flow, such as in rivers, canals, or large pipes.

Trying to understand and relate to information about water is crucial in order to be able to participate in the ongoing discussions about how Arizona can ensure we have clean, reliable water for years to come.

Source and Cited | Arizona Municipals Water Users Association


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